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Falmouth Gig Club enjoys a very special position within the heart of the town, having all year round access to the water from the public slipway, with options to go out to sea for rough weather training, or up the river to Penryn on calmer waters.

The club strongly believes in providing opportunities to as many people interested in rowing as possible. As well as our excellent provision for competitive rowers, we have a strong program of rowing for those who simply want to keep fit, enjoy the outdoors and socialise. The club's broad membership is home to a wealth of technical knowledge and experience of differing sea conditions, which has enabled many crews to win championship races.

We have 6 gigs (Arwenack, Governor, Energy, The Greenbank, Truro GRP and Black Rock), ergos for training on land and use of the Windjammer cafe upstairs.

Falmouth pILOT Gig club

Falmouth Watersports Centre

7 Grove Pl, Falmouth TR11 4AU


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