Novice FAQs

When are the community rowing sessions? Saturdays from 12 noon (Starting 3rd October 2015).

Where do I need to go? The Watersports Centre, Grove Place (between Trago Mills and Events Square). Meet at the shed or on the pontoon.

How much does it cost? £2.00 a session. If after a few visits you like it you can join the club!

Who runs the sessions?  sessions are run by the Community rowing captain Howard Hayward and other volunteers from the club. They will be around to help you out with the basics and organise you into crews to go out on the water.

How long will I be on the water for? We usually organise crews on the pontoon. Club members will be in the boat for you to follow and you go out and row for about 20 mins a time. When you get back you can swap out, have a rest or try rowing in a different position in the boat again.

What do I need to wear? Comfortable sports style clothes are ideal e.g tracksuit bottoms or similar and a t-shirt. Its good to have a jumper or hoodie to put on in the breaks whilst crews swap over and a jacket if its raining. We launch the boats off a slipway and get in via the pontoon so you shouldn’t even have to get wet feet.

I’ve never rowed before, will I be ok?   Community rowing sessions are for beginners and everyone has to learn somewhere. There are experienced club members on hand to give you advice and coaching out in the boats and on dry land.

Who can go along? Everyone is welcome to attend the community rowing sessions, if you have ever seen a gig and thought ‘I fancy trying that’ then community rowing is for you!

Community rowing sessions are open to all. They are fun, friendly and a great way to get out on the water and see Falmouth



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