Falmouth racing road trip

Thanks to a break in the gales and a rare glimpse of summer this weekend saw Falmouth rowers enjoy success at both the Weymouth and Point Penpol regattas.

Weymouth was the second event in the Tribute series and despite several absences the club still fielded 3 strong crews who made the long trip east to each win their respective races in Black Rock.  First up, Mens A had a battle on their hands with Mounts Bay taking an early lead in Cormoran but fought hard to close the gap and eventually row through their competitors on the last leg with Caradon taking 3rd in Essa.  Mens B were also pushed by Caradon but managed to establish a more comfortable lead to finish ahead with Charlestown taking 3rd.   The ladies crew, a 50/50 mix of A and B rowers, had under CPGA rules to compete in the A race but still managed an impressive lead from the first leg eventually finishing several lengths ahead of Caradon in 2nd and Mounts Bay in 3rd.  Overall a successful day, very well organised by the hosts and in an ideal location with all looking forward to a return visit next year.

Ladies A Pulling Away

Mens A turning the 1st mark

Mens B kicking away from the 1st mark!! Click on it to play

On Monday the club sent a combination of squad and club rower crews to the much anticipated Point Penpol regatta, known for its great atmosphere and variety of racing in gigs and skiffs.  First off were the Vets crews in Black Rock and Idas, both having a good start but being spread across the field by the first mark with the men in Black Rock finishing 1st and mixed in Idas 7th.   After a skiffs rowing and running race the Ladies, again a mix of A and B rowers, took to the water in Black Rock quickly establishing a strong lead which they held to the finish.  Mens A in Idas and Mens B in Black Rock were next up both starting at the head of the pack with Mens A pushing through the first mark to take the lead over Roseland in Killigerran and Penryn in Morlader with Mens B coming a very close 4th.  The final gig race of the night saw two mixed crews with squad and club rowers take first in Black Rock, closely followed by Roseland and then Idas in 3rd.  Several club members also took part in the various skiff races including randan, sheathing, and pair of paddles, demonstrating the range of rowing skills within the club.  Again, another successful and highly enjoyable evening on a stunning stretch of water for all involved.

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